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Yes I support and belive deeply in ron paul and his positions. But many of my fellow country man and women sadly do not. They are afraid of change, the feds, the terrorist, the police, the shadows on the walls. We are a feminised people hurded into groups with fear. It appears we do not deserve a constitution. The free and the brave deserve that. I will vote r.p. and organize, but the left and right are strong and entrenched in there positions. I always seem to ask were did this all go wrong. Answer is at the top, with a plan. And if you doubt that follow the money. When people get power some abuse that power. This plan is almost in place. Ron Paul and the supporters were the last breath of freedom air and possibilites before the end of our constituional republic is over. I have been voting science I was 18 years old. At least 20 years ago I coined the phrase in line at the voting both. And I directed this phrase to people my age, the young folks that over the years did not think it was important to vote. I would tell them, Quote: If you do not want to vote,learn how to shoot striaght. It seems to mean more these days than it did in the 1980's.


I believe the Internet age will usher in the rEVOLution and Ron Paul will be remembered as the candidate to spark this movement of power back to the people. Over time, as technology evolves and connectivity permeates every facet of our lives to readily enable our communications, we will learn to trust the opinions of those we believe more so than corporate-owned media companies.

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