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Read up on him in the Wikipedia. I like how he says being pro-life falls out of being a libertarian (In my opinion it does ie not harming anyone including the unborn). Although he says that he wants individual states to be able to decide their abortion law for themselves, which I'm not so keen on. I guess campaigning on a platform on outlawing abortion nationwide would be tantamount to political suicide. However, he says he wants to strike down Roe vs Wade to facilitate that end and because it's unconstitutional, so maybe eventual total outlawing is somewhere in his mind. Methinks I would vote for him if I were in the US.

I really like constitutions, we could do with one here. There are NO restraining powers on what the UK parliment can vote through if they so choose. It has been variously said that the UK is not a democracy at all but an Oligarchy or an Elective dictatorship. I think there is a good deal of truth in both statements.

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