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I would contend that the only sensible system for a government to adopt is to either completely disarm the country (impossible and quite probably immoral) or to allow law abiding citizens free access to arms. Any middle ground (varying access and gun-free zones) in an otherwise armed society creates a micro-climate of easy victims. In the UK no "citizen" is armed but many criminals are. Although shootings are relatively rare, when a criminal uses a gun here he can do so with complete impunity.


And something just occured to me. Can an employer override someone's constitutional rights? Can they for example, order someone to be a Muslim at work even though they are a Christian at home? Or a Republican at work and a democrat at home? If people would be appalled at an employer attempting to violate his workers 1st Ammendment rights, why are they not so with the 2nd?

John Long

I understand your frustration, but I can't see why an employer is obligated by a document that was written to constrain government actions. Not the "Congress shall make no law" wording in the constitution. Last I checked employers and not Congress.

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