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Depends on what you're trying to get out of it. For me, a good storyline is the most important facet of a game, with decent gameplay/controls and originality coming second. That's why I've stayed away from most online gaming: the storylines rarely come across well in online play, and I have no use for the insult-mongering of teenagers who think that because they're a little faster on the trigger than I am, they're a superior lifeform.

So I probably play less games than the average person, but I find it every bit as rewarding as watching a well-written tv show or reading a book. All in moderation, of course -- sitting around playing every night, all night would get old real quick, and ruin my eyes as well.


There are some problems built into " gaming" that I (as an old coger)hope to address in this observation.
1) Unless ther are plenty of opportunities for personal interaction involving problem solving and discussion, gaming fast becomes a way for individuals to avoid growth in their own relationships.
2) I am sure that many times we have all put off something we should have done so that we could "finish" a certain game segment. Hence, procrastination is fortified by "gaming".
Diversion from work is a neccesity. I am not trying to say that "gaming" is not a viable alternative to other forms of play, simply that like anything else it can be way overdone. How much time is spent on a computer when there are lonely Non-computer types that could use our attention? Are there neighbors who need to talk to you? Children who need some physical stimulation like hugs and tickling or even being read to? What about times when the whole family can interact, strengthening family ties? I realize that most of you have no kids, yet, but this is certainly a valid concern. Does a person hooked on gaming frequently forego social interaction that is the cornerstone of being human? Where is this going?

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